Belief creates biology~

Apologies to all the scientists & folks who know more about this than I, but I found the above statement very revealing. It means, simply, that we might each try to focus on all the positive things and choices you made for the day rather than the perceived negative ones.

I got a very disturbing email forwarded to me by dad, who has almost as many computer hours logged in as I do, despite the late start he had~he gets MANY emails from his internet & real friends and one of them had a “photo” list of where chickens (possibly) come from~those chickens used in making funny processed chicken wings and nuggets and the like. It also had interesting information about the numbering on food~those scan codes usually mean something other than name & price~by breaking it down you can figure out where the food came from, if that is of importance to you and your family.
I was fairly confident in reading through that email that we are “safe” from harm’s way in terms of getting creepy chicken in our diet due to packaged foods. We don’t each much from a box or a can~and when we do, I am careful to check where the food was processed and grown as well as how much sodium it’s going to parlay into our systems.

I know full and well that food is a very touchy subject for so many people. I myself feel overwhelmed by all the choices and diets and books offering a new, sexy me but I find that if I turn to the “whole” food, not processed, not in a box, not grown 500 miles away and flown on a plane to get to us, then we are making good choices.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up those $2 a bag M & M’s for an easter craft project, I obviously did. But for the most part, I believe that the choices I am making and the foods we are eating are going to support our growing children and maintain our health in ways that box food just cannot do. See the good you are doing and build on that~


To market, to market

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Petaluma antique fair~by myself! This was great, as I have very fond memories of rolling out of bed EARLY in the morning, finishing up loading the car and getting food ready and driving up to Coburg come an August day with Teresa.

I always loved those days~freezing cold in the morning, the eager anticipation of wondering whether or not you would sell what you brought, whether you would find an amazing treasure you never dreamed existed and yet most of all, the friends you would make being brought together under such circumstances. I am sure that Teresa remembers it much differently, but for a girl growing up in the hinterlands, there was no greater excitement for me than joining her each year~it was all the fun of the mall without the harsh lighting, poufty haired girls, things I didn’t want to buy and terrible music!

I had really wanted to have big sister joining me, for she has heard me tell the tale of Coburg many a time~unfortunately, she was a sick girl and stayed in bed, awaiting my return and the reveal of any discoveries I might have made.

I came home with some very simple finds: two suitcases for storage/end tables, an original drawing done in 1934 for the bedroom and a large basket for the overflowing doll clothes situation in the girls’ room. I chatted with old friends and made some new friends~just like in the old days!

Sweet Hillery~

small magazine issue no. 17

I was so happy to see my friend Hillery’s work as part of the newest Small Magazine! She is a lovely gal whom I met at last Renegade Craft Fair last summer. I bought two of her works and they are side by side in our dining area and I could not be more pleased to have a reminder of sweet Hillery and the lovely conversations we have had. Hillery does lovely work in several different mediums and each piece is so charming on its own or with another.

Hillery’s work is at her new site, which is so simple and lovely.  I also love seeing her mother’s sewing work at They each have such an amazing sense of color and putting things together in a very non-traditional but very pleasing way. They each inspire me in different but very subtle ways~I’m so glad to know them.

GO Penguins!

Don’t mess, don’t mess, don’t mess with the best ’cause the best don’t mess
Don’t fool, don’t fool, don’t fool with the cool ’cause the cool don’t fool
To the East, to the West, the Penguins are the best!
We’re gonna B-E-A-T beat ’em!
We’re gonna B-U-S-T bust ’em!
Beat ’em!
Bust ’em!
That’s our custom! GO PENGUINS!

We have a girl in soccer! She is loving every minute of it! Her first game was last Saturday and she played goalie. In an effort to “help” out her team, she ran WAY out into the field as the players got closer to the goal she was supposed to be protecting! Her heart is in the right place and she is such a team player. We’re so proud of her and can’t wait to see more of her moves as the season progresses.

hair today~gone tomorrow!

After much debate and the inspiration of a few girls at school who have already participated, our big girl took the leap and chopped off 10 inches of hair to donate to Locks for Love!

This is obviously the before. It has not been too long since her last hair trim, but she’s a busy girl and this is a lot of hair to care for~

And this is not! She loved it from the moment she (didn’t) hear the snip of the scissors! She requested that I turn on music and turn it up so that the sound of the scissors wouldn’t be so “loud” and the experience so real.
Now that she has manageable long hair, we can hardly stop her from brushing it and we’re all still going around thinking of all the ways that this new, shorter ‘do is going to be so much better~for us all!