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Holiday Traditions 2010~Updates

This is more an update of expectations, shall we say?
As they say, we only know what the news folks tell us! And in this case, all I know of what might be happening with the postal service in other countries is that they have been foiled by strikes, snow and ill preparedness not of their own doing.
This probably goes as well for the lovely folks trying to send out packages!
I would like to continue hearing from those of you who have yet to receive a package, wherever it might have posted from. I will keep careful notes for future exchanges as I would hate for any of you to ship a package out and not receive one back. Please keep in mind that if your package is doing its best to reach you from “across a large body of water” (not the North American continent), keep your fingers crossed and hopes up that it will reach you.

Clearly the holidays have passed, but we can look forward to the unexpected receipt of holiday goodness as an *early* holiday gift for 2011!

If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly: anie (dot) tully (at) gmail (dot) com

beauty in the world

My dad sends me emails. Lots of them funny, some of them serious and some seriously depressing. I always read them and sometimes wish I hadn’t. At times the world can seem to be going in the wrong direction, no one at the wheel, no place in a cloudy day for the sun to shine through.
But then it does.
Today I received a lovely email from one of the participants in the current Holiday Traditions Exchange. She has participated before and so “knows” the history of the exchange and the woman who hosts it each year. Meg~If you are reading this, please move along, we’re going to say nice things about you~
Valerie suggested that we put together another exchange of sorts. The kind of exchange where anyone, (yes, you!) can participate.  She thought it might be a lovely idea to put the word out that we are looking to make a quilt (or two) for Meg and her family to enjoy and have while they are away from home during the transition time after their new baby is born. I think this is brilliant and I’m so happy she thought of it~

I know this is a very busy time of year for so, so many of you, but if you have just a moment to knit or sew a quick square, we’d surely love to have you send it on. We’ll make sure they get fixed up into beautiful blankets and sent out by the end of January so that they may accompany this sweet, sweet family on the next leg of their journey.
Won’t you take this journey with us~and know that there is, every now and then, a place for the sky to open up and show the sun and the beauty in the world?

For more information, please click here~

following directions

Last night we harvested what seems to be the last of our tomato crop.  I have mixed feelings about this, as they take A LOT of work, those tomatoes. And this isn’t helping:
Upon seeing the glory of our harvest, I decided to make a batch of tomato soup. I love soup and I love tomatoes, so let’s go. I consulted a few recipes along the way and they all tell me the same thing:
Remove skins
Remove stems
Slice in half
I am getting better at following directions, and yet after I follow these directions, I’m left with the saddest, reddest blob of yuck EVER. Am I missing the boat here, or should I really have about a cup of tomato yuck after I remove all the rest of the tomato from 2 dozen tomatoes??

This doesn’t sit well with me. I am very fond of making use of the most of something and yet this seems like such a waste. I will post again if the soup tastes any better than if I used (horrors!!) canned tomatoes. And I will make sure to have thrown out to the luckiest (and only) chickens in the neighborhood the 90% of each tomato that I skinned, cored and sliced away.