Sugar sugar everywhere~

It’s all over the news these days~if you want the long, very informative version, go <a href="” target=”_blank”>here. Robert Lustig, MD gives a great talk entitled Sugar: The bitter truth. Other than talking about sugar, hormones and calories, he states that A calorie is NOT a calorie. I found that in itself very interesting~a fat calorie is not equal to a carbohydrate calorie and so on.
Listen to learn more~it is very enlightening! If you have the time, there are great (!) photos and diagrams to go along with the talk, providing more in depth information.

If after that you are seeking more information, there was a great conversation on the NPR Program Forum on April 21, 2011. In it, Michael Krasny interviews Dr. Lustig and talks more about sugar, types of sugar, calories and much, much more. Find that interview here.

Happy weekend!