Fancy eggs for Easter~

We are trying a few new things this year for Easter! One of them is decoupage eggs, via Say yes to Hoboken. I found this was easy but time consuming. The directions over at SYTH are pretty thorough, but I would add:

*I simply cracked the eggs in two and yet tried to keep the two pieces of each egg attached~otherwise you are going to play a simple-but-time-consuming-while-trying-to-get-these-finished-before-the-girls-wake-up game of “Matching”. This gives you more space in which to put the candies into 😉

*Cut your tissue paper into strips and pretend you are bandaging the egg together. If you are of the two handed sort, like me, employ your paintbrush dipped in glue to assist with the grabbing and attaching of the strips.
*I used glue mixed with water for my eggs.

*Since I was trying to get the eggs put back together again a la Mr. Dumpty, I didn’t have a flat surface on which to set them to dry. They did just fine in a box lined delicately with waxed paper.

I’ll wait to see how well these go over tomorrow before I commit to doing them again, but they were fun to try!


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