Belief creates biology~

Apologies to all the scientists & folks who know more about this than I, but I found the above statement very revealing. It means, simply, that we might each try to focus on all the positive things and choices you made for the day rather than the perceived negative ones.

I got a very disturbing email forwarded to me by dad, who has almost as many computer hours logged in as I do, despite the late start he had~he gets MANY emails from his internet & real friends and one of them had a “photo” list of where chickens (possibly) come from~those chickens used in making funny processed chicken wings and nuggets and the like. It also had interesting information about the numbering on food~those scan codes usually mean something other than name & price~by breaking it down you can figure out where the food came from, if that is of importance to you and your family.
I was fairly confident in reading through that email that we are “safe” from harm’s way in terms of getting creepy chicken in our diet due to packaged foods. We don’t each much from a box or a can~and when we do, I am careful to check where the food was processed and grown as well as how much sodium it’s going to parlay into our systems.

I know full and well that food is a very touchy subject for so many people. I myself feel overwhelmed by all the choices and diets and books offering a new, sexy me but I find that if I turn to the “whole” food, not processed, not in a box, not grown 500 miles away and flown on a plane to get to us, then we are making good choices.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up those $2 a bag M & M’s for an easter craft project, I obviously did. But for the most part, I believe that the choices I am making and the foods we are eating are going to support our growing children and maintain our health in ways that box food just cannot do. See the good you are doing and build on that~


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