To market, to market

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Petaluma antique fair~by myself! This was great, as I have very fond memories of rolling out of bed EARLY in the morning, finishing up loading the car and getting food ready and driving up to Coburg come an August day with Teresa.

I always loved those days~freezing cold in the morning, the eager anticipation of wondering whether or not you would sell what you brought, whether you would find an amazing treasure you never dreamed existed and yet most of all, the friends you would make being brought together under such circumstances. I am sure that Teresa remembers it much differently, but for a girl growing up in the hinterlands, there was no greater excitement for me than joining her each year~it was all the fun of the mall without the harsh lighting, poufty haired girls, things I didn’t want to buy and terrible music!

I had really wanted to have big sister joining me, for she has heard me tell the tale of Coburg many a time~unfortunately, she was a sick girl and stayed in bed, awaiting my return and the reveal of any discoveries I might have made.

I came home with some very simple finds: two suitcases for storage/end tables, an original drawing done in 1934 for the bedroom and a large basket for the overflowing doll clothes situation in the girls’ room. I chatted with old friends and made some new friends~just like in the old days!


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