Lisette~you’re perfect!

As it is with most sewists, there are many considerations to be made when cutting out a pattern and then cutting out the fabric and of course, the stitching up. All of this takes so much time~I find for myself that I must manipulate a pattern to fit before even cutting it out, so I am usually making a draft or two before getting to the fabric cutting stage.
Enter Lisette, the new for women pattern line put out by the talented Liesl of Oliver + S patterns. I have long loved the children’s patterns she creates, but my girls are so rough and tumble and have so many clothes already that putting hours and hours into a dress which might only see the light of day a few times is not so appealing to me!
I was thrilled to find these patterns for sale at Joann’s, as it meant that I’d be able to wait for a sale and purchase them without having to save for weeks in order to try them out. I bought all 4 patterns, because at $1.99 each, I wanted to experiment with this line and really see it through. Some of the garments are a bit more tailored than I usually wear, but there is something in each one to love.
I started with the Portfolio dress and things were going along very well. I cut into some great old fabric I’ve been saving, a Ralph Lauren sheet and proceeded to stitch away. Other than an issue stupid mistake on my part regarding the collar, it turned out beautifully!

This pattern is so darling on! It has these great hidden pockets and sleeves which start a bit down the arm~great for me, as I always have to make adjustments in the shoulder/arm area when sewing, and this pattern fit perfect from the get go! I will definitely be making more of these! Although this pattern didn’t require any adjustments to fit perfectly the first go round, I’m going to use that enthusiasm to make some style changes and create other variations soon! Wait for it!
On the Lisette website, they’ve posted some great additional views~check these out.  There is also a Flickr group!  Thank you, Liesl!


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