how you are with me

Today we go to Costco. Not a big deal, you might say. Unless you are one of the many father/daughter combinations in the world for whom the phrase “going to Costco” is an “event”. We are going to Costco and thinking of you dad/Grandpa.
Yesterday I took my long lost friend home with me on my sweater in the scent of her perfume from a hug that I have been missing for a very long time.
Tomorrow I will mail a package filled with small cowboys and cowgirls and send a part of me to you and know that there is room in your heart and life for our friendship and be so thankful for that despite the amount of room there is between you and me.
Each day I take you along with me in love and kindness in the form of pictures in my pocket which you have taken. Pictures of us, our life and our children. I am always so happy when you get home.
You are with me when I am cooking, baking, knitting and sewing. Although things have (most always) been rocky with you around, the goodness that I find in my days now is from you and I thank you for that. I wish you well, and hope there is forgiveness in your heart for the things you seek.
I am every day reminded of you, as I filter through new books, old books and among their pages find new friends to join my thoughts of you.
There are so many of you~my friends and family, here and now, past and present. I find in each day the thoughts of you percolating to the top of my mind, shutting out the to do list, the driving miles, the busyness of life and taking me on a journey, though short, it is usually very sweet. Thanks for coming along. I’m so very glad to have you in my life~


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