we thrift~

We have long been a family of “old things”. We like to search for them in stores and rummage sales, we like to sand and paint them to be looking a little less shabby and we enjoy using them around the house, each one telling us a story of its past as it is put to work creating our futures.
One of our favorite places to thrift is just to the north of us, in a small town called Petaluma. This is a town of cows, chickens, antiques and cowboys. They have a lovely parade each year to celebrate their small town roots, a time when they were the “chick capital of the world”. For a family of future farmers, it doesn’t get much better than that!
I also appreciate the fact that the best place for us to buy our chicks, and our chicken food, is in Petaluma. And seeing as how we lack a barn for dry storage of, well, anything, I must go to Petaluma an fetch a bag of food at least once a month.  Oh!! The horror!
If we are lucky, it isn’t raining and/or windy and cold and we get to scoot about town, enjoying the many things it has to offer~

If you ever come to visit, we’d love to show you around Petaluma! Who knows, by then we might even live there!


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