We drove a bit this weekend…we drove and we drove and we drove. Our trusty Violet took us to Brookings, Oregon to meet up with G & G to drop big sister with them for a week of adventures!

We stopped in Garberville for a lovely brunch at the Woodrose Cafe. Our waitress, Colleen, was so sweet. We had just found a polka dot raincoat for little sister at the thrift store next door and so she was matching big sister who was wearing her polka dotty fleece…which also matched Colleen’s polka dot socks! Who knew brunch could be so much fun?

We made it to Brookings, Oregon, which Grandpa had assured us would be very quiet and with no trouble at all finding a room for us to stay~Well, clearly Grandpa didn’t get the heads up that the folks who didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s day the weekend before were going to be coming for a romantic beach stay AND that there would be playoffs for two softball tournaments going on. Rooms full! After a great deal of searching, Grandpa found us all a nice room to stay and we slept…fairly well.
The next day we all had breakfast and some traveled North (after investigating some possible places to stay *next* weekend) and some of us traveled South. We had a safe drive home and stopped in Eureka for some reading material:

A smart little owl patch for little sister:

And a nice new sweater for mama:

We had good fun and GREAT weather! Looking forward to hearing all about big sister’s adventures up North when we make the return trip next weekend.


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