now we are (mostly) weaned

I had tried this before, or rather I had tried on the idea of this, back in November when I was to return from 6 days away in Wisconsin. I was sore for so many of those days, too much milk and sadness for being away from the babe. Once I returned we were both so happy to see each other that we set up for a marathon milking not unlike that seen each day at a farm.
It was business as usual there for a while, with the general “more milk, please, I’m growing” days mixed in and yet each time I could tell we were getting closer to the end. I snuggled her close and focused clearly on the sharing that was taking place so that I would be ready when it came time…and so would she.

Fast forward to January~many more hours spent inside, cozying up for books, sewing and snuggles. Unfortunately, each crawl-into-the-lap time also meant a milk request. It was getting ridiculous and we both knew it. The storm before the calm, perhaps.
I finally hit the wall a week ago and told her that we were going to have a “no more nah nah” party that night.
I bought a cake (!) and we celebrated. As strange as it seems, I think she understood quite well what was going on. We had cake, we had some friends over and went to bed late. I brought a kid cup (leak proof cup with lid) of milk in with us at bedtime and snuggled her up close. She drank the milk and fell asleep.

Night time milk was not ever so bad, most of the time. She had milk at bedtime and then would wake up for more at 1am and again at 5am. Now she wakes up for milk at 1am and I do give her nah nah. It’s too fussy to find the kid cup and by then we’re so asleep I don’t know that either of us cares that we’re not sticking to the rules/nah nah ban. She drinks, I snuggle and we both go back to sleep.

This is now the seventh day of no nah nah. There is some lap snuggling and some gazing on her part, but not too often. I give her a kid cup~of milk, orange juice or water, and that appeases her. She is so tired at nap time most of the time that we don’t even make it to the snuggle up part but she just climbs into my lap and I put her head on my shoulder, pat her back for a while and she’s snoozing well.
All in all, there have been about 5 instances of crying~sadness over what was and is no more. We do a lot more snuggling through all that and she seems to understand why. I am not sure how we both knew it was time, but careful listening on both our parts has brought this part of our relationship to a calm and peaceful ending.


One thought on “now we are (mostly) weaned

  1. It’s been over a week since Errol’s last drink too. I was trying to remember the last time, couldn’t, then realized I wasn’t sad about it because I’ve been hating it lately. So it’s all good.
    You clearly have more sleep-interrupting tolerance than I – the 1am business would have been the first to go for me! I’ve had to call Daddio in for the now-less-frequent night wakings and he gets the boy back to sleep with the kind of swiftness that’s only possible for someone without breasts.

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