Tommy, today

We have been looking for several months for the next perfect pet for our home. Since we’d promised the big sister a d-o-g a long time ago “when we get a house of our own” at some point we knew we were going to have to (and want to) make good on that. After the departure of our dear geese, the search for the perfect dog began.
Some were too big. Some, too small. Some just right but too young. Some just right but too old.
Until today. We found him and he is just right.

We took the big sister out of school early. We took Papa from work early. We met, we drove and found ourselves in Berkeley at the Animal Shelter. They had many other dogs there, of course, but this was the guy we came to see. I am pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say it was love at first sight.

Tommy, the fellow working in the kennel area, took us all to the play area where we got acquainted. From there, it was easy and paperwork. Tommy was in and out of the shelter, helping everyone so kindly and with such a gentle nature. He was kind and gentle when he brought out “our” dog to show us that he’d been microchipped. And he was so happy we were going to take this big brown fella home. Despite being at an animal shelter, where things do not always go well for all involved, Tommy had such a gentle spirit and as we left, I found myself wishing there were a way we could see him more often. Like if he worked at the library or our favorite coffee shop or grocery store.

We struggled on the way home to figure out what name to give this handsome new critter of ours. He was impressing us with his gentle nature, his easy manner with the girls and his smiles to each of us when he had done something well. He was in and all around each of us all night and so happy to be there. He has all sorts of amazing manners; sit, down, stay, leave it. He didn’t bother the cat or the chickens at all. He just wanted to please and be pleased. We hope he will be with us for a long time, this gently happy soul.

We named him Tommy. I hope he lives up to it.


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