Last year, already~a 2010 recap

Here we are, headed well into 2011 and the to do lists are already starting. I’m going to take a clue from a few blogger crushes out there and make a list as well. Here goes:

*I started wearing pajamas. Mom, take note. You can now buy me pajamas for Christmas. All those others, years and years ago? I took them back. I was SINGLE Mom! Single girls do not wear pajamas. Mamas wear pajamas. Even those who aren’t llamas.
*We moved into our house
*I unpacked 98% of our belongings
*I brought 30% of belongings to the Goodwill
*I only regret one part of this, and that is that I should have aimed closer to 50% on the outgo. See 2011 list!
*I made good on my promise to myself to “sit on my ass for several weeks and do nothing but enjoy our new house.” Minus unpacking boxes, baby sister and I plowed through all available seasons of 24 while playing & knitting in the background. Good times, I tell you!
*I had very good discussions with my husband. I am very often reminded, when I’m out and about and see the interactions of other couples, how lucky I am. Thank you, husband. I feel always better with you by my side.
*I cooked many more meals from scratch. I am happy to do this, as it feeds the family well and reminds me of growing up and being a good helper. There seemed to be very few ways to be “good” when I was growing up, so I found out what they were and did my best to follow along.
*We sent big sister to Oregon for a MUCH TOO LONG AWAY from us visit. You can see her again, folks, but we need her back sooner than later 🙂
*I got back into my knitting
*I got back into my sewing
*I took a “real” calligraphy class and met the amazing Julie. Really, truly, this girl is a light to anyone’s life. I am so glad she’s part of mine.
*I reconnected with a good friend and am a much better person for it and so are (some) of my photos.
*I got to visit in real life a new friend who I hope to call an old friend in days to come. She is delightful, fun, and just as wacky and energetic as I am. Good times!
*We planted two gardens and are awaiting the harvest of the second one. The first go round was a bit haphazard (see “available seasons of 24” and rain, above). I worked harder on the planning and planting of our winter garden and am busily keeping those veggies & fruits protected and fed during these cold, wet months.
*We got 7 beautiful geese.
*We found homes for 7 beautiful geese. Golly, these guys were the very best thing ever. They really called out to me, every time I went outside. That is why they have new homes.
*We got a tortoise and have weighed her and watched her grow.
*We got a cat. She is fine. Sometimes she has very bad manners, but what are we to do??
*We got to stay home for *all* of the holidays. Even 4th of July. This was wonderful. It really made solid the good for us decision to buy our own home and make it ours. Really some dreams coming true with all that.
*I flossed my teeth almost every night.
*I started an out of the house exercise program and love it. Still!
*I am starting to pay more attention to what I wear & how. Something about going out and about every day starting with big sister school drop off~has me thinking that tee shirts and jeans are not so exciting for anyone else to look at either.
*I hosted a craft swap.
*I did okay, considering the last minute details I didn’t manage very well, but I do hope you all had fun! It was lovely for us~
*Despite 2010 being pretty good to us, I am still looking forward to 2011. I learned a lot and gave myself and our family a lot of “alone” time to think and consider things along the way. I think this was good, but I’m ready to add a bit more action to the mix.
*I will not consider any future holidays/celebrations needing “more action,” however. They are already busy enough.
*I worked hard at our family budget and bills. I will continue this, despite it being time consuming…I figure it is part of my mama job and I’m fairly good at it.
*I skipped out on sending a Christmas card of any kind for the second year in a row.
*I might be more ready for an “all friends and family holiday card” come Valentine’s day. We’ll see. You’ll be the first to know!

Happy new year to all of my (very few) readers. I love all (3) of you! It is fun to put this together sporadically and know that because of my low readership, most of my secrets are still that, despite being on the internets.


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