Little sister has a very favorite game on mama’s phone. In it, Grover plays a (very forgetful) waiter and he has a very fussy customer. Grover continues to forget what Mr. Fussy wants and so Mr. Fussy continues hollering his choice: “the special! I’ll have the special!” to poor, confused Grover.
I’m not sure what the draw is, as the rest of the game requires skills that little sister just does not yet have. I do know that I’ve heard “the special! I’ll have the special!” many more times in my life than I ever dreamed. Good thing I’m a fan of Grover.

That brings me to the all enlightening part of this post. If you’d like “the special!” you, too, can order it. Just click on the sidebar titled “the special” and you’ll see what the offerings are. Enjoy! Sorry, though~Grover not included!


One thought on “grover

  1. Hi there, fab post. I like the links. I signed up to the holiday exchange but didn’t hear anything back, does this mean I didn’t get anyone to swap with?

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