crafty girls

The sun is further down on the horizon and with us for fewer hours each day. The big girl is happily engaged and doing well at school. Papa is working hard but shifting towards inside work and shorter days outside in the elements. The two of us at home (mama & little sister) have also found a routine. We take sister to school and either go to class at The Dailey Method or come right home and get to crafting.
With the holidays coming up shortly, we have started to focus our attention on projects which will help fulfill our gift giving list and make time to let the process be joyful and fun. One of our most recent projects was the felted soap which so many others have done. We, too, took our cues from the tutorial over at Rhythm of the Home and recently found ourselves with a rainy day in which to play with warm water and soap suds.
A few things we did which I would add to the tutorial are:
Start the soaking of the bars in hot water as soon as you’ve wrapped them in fleece and pantyhose. I dropped them into the hot water side of the sink and then periodically gave them to little sister to play with on the cold water side of the sink while I worked on the felting process.
I cut the pantyhose into generous sections, tied a knot in one end and dropped the fleeced soap into the “bag” that is made by holding the pantyhose open. I then held the pantyhose at either side and flipped it around itself in the middle, creating two handles of the “bag” one on either side, which I then tied once over in the middle. This helped to keep the soap in but also to take it out once it was felted and then re-use the pantyhose again.
I tried to use multiple colors to start with but they didn’t seem to want to felt together very well. I stuck to one color per bar and will go back and add color with a felting needle later.
We have a lovely old gas Wedgewood stove which worked wonders in helping dry these out. The gas pilot light is always on and so, after putting up a reminder note (Soap in Oven!) I used the oven racks to hold the bars and let them rest and finish drying out.
All in all, this was a lovely project which even though we missed the hot days of summer, still worked out well. Hopefully you’ll still be surprised and happy if you are on the receiving end this holiday season!


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