following directions

Last night we harvested what seems to be the last of our tomato crop.  I have mixed feelings about this, as they take A LOT of work, those tomatoes. And this isn’t helping:
Upon seeing the glory of our harvest, I decided to make a batch of tomato soup. I love soup and I love tomatoes, so let’s go. I consulted a few recipes along the way and they all tell me the same thing:
Remove skins
Remove stems
Slice in half
I am getting better at following directions, and yet after I follow these directions, I’m left with the saddest, reddest blob of yuck EVER. Am I missing the boat here, or should I really have about a cup of tomato yuck after I remove all the rest of the tomato from 2 dozen tomatoes??

This doesn’t sit well with me. I am very fond of making use of the most of something and yet this seems like such a waste. I will post again if the soup tastes any better than if I used (horrors!!) canned tomatoes. And I will make sure to have thrown out to the luckiest (and only) chickens in the neighborhood the 90% of each tomato that I skinned, cored and sliced away.


2 thoughts on “following directions

  1. This year I learned that the very easiest way to remove skins from tomatoes is to pick them with good intentions, pile them on the counter for a few days, look at them from time to time, insert a bit of guilt, and then, in a very mad rush, wash them and throw into the closest plastic bag you can find, before throwing them in the freezer. Later, after the dust settles, and you pull those tomatoes out to thaw, the skins will peel off like nothin.’ Ideally, you’ll have pulled off the stems and cut the very top stemmy part off before freezing, but I only discovered the merit to doing so after trying to de-stem the mushy thawed tomatoes.

  2. Awesome! We just roasted a bunch of toms, but I’m glad to know an easier, more my style way of peeling tomato’s. And, I’m with you Ani, I don’t like discarding that much food that we put so much time and effort into growing. Especially tomato’s! Yum!

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