cake no, frosting~help!!!

I am on a personal mission to find my go to frosting. Birthday cake, holiday cake, I need cake right now cake~they all need frosting. I think I’ve found a great go-to chocolate cake recipe. It comes from the amazing cookbook All Cakes Considered by Melissa Gray and not only is it really tasty, it’s so very easy.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I do not yet own this book (hint, hint) I went over to epicurious to find a quick cake recipe and ended up with a cake, though easy, was not that tasty. Dry, boring, not very chocolate-y. Consider yourself warned.

For the frosting part of the project, I mostly love a good swiss meringue buttercream frosting, but this has two strikes against it going in:
1. not very sweet!
2. for consistency, this frosting is amazing. for time suck, it is the same.

I have tried a few of the infamous 7 minute frosting recipes out there and am not terribly impressed. One had 37 steps to follow and tasted much too sweet. The other, though simpler and closer to finish time of 7 minutes was not sweet enough and somehow the texture was just not right.

Bakers, mamas, grandmas, anyone? Do you have a good recipe to share? Quick to finish, sweet to taste, basic frosting~recipes needed! I will thank you for a quick find on this task. There are only so many times I can go up to bat on the frosting effort and leave unscathed in the thigh department.


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