best. cookies. ever

I’ve been wanting some great cookies, homemade and tasty for a while now. I knew going in that I wanted chewy, possibly chocolate and yet not too fancy. Chocolate chip was on my mind, but I wanted to get away from the Tollhouse recipe. We’ve been enjoying that as cookie dough for a while but I wanted a cookie from the oven.
Enter Heidi. She has an amazing website over at 101 Cookbooks, which I’ve been following for years. She didn’t disappoint me today, either. I found this recipe and despite the inside the house temperature being 85 degrees, I started mixing. I figured we might as well benefit from the heat of the house and this recipe was worth every drop of sweat.
These cookies are amazing! Chewy, soft, full of chocolate. I am not sure what the difference is, although I usually start with soft butter and then mix the dough by hand. I followed the directions (rare) and used cold butter and the mixer. What an amazing difference this made. I will definitely be making these again~but here’s to hoping that we don’t have 100 degree temperatures outside when I next get the urge!


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