we are working

This weekend we decided to tackle a bit of window installation. We have been planning this for months and have been waylaid by rain, rain, more rain and finally the busy of summer. This weekend went by fairly unprovoked, with Papa getting on the well side of strep throat but not much else.


There were several things standing in the way of the actual project as well, not the least of which neither of us has ever installed a window *nor seen it done*. To further the troubles, we had a lot of information on the internets available, but that is all it was. Information. Very FEW pictures. This was a visual project and we needed more information. We didn't get it and so puzzled our way through. 

There was an aluminum frame to wrestle with. This was the trickiest part of the whole operation. We removed the glass from the framing and then cut the frame in half at the bottom with the sawzall.


After that, we had to puzzle out how much of the wood trim surrounding the window had to come out before the new window would fit in. This was tricky in the sense that once it was done, it was done. We weren't really going to be able to put that wood back in if we messed up.

But we didn't! And…this is what we ended up with:

Okay, no. We didn't chop down the tree you just saw in the first photo. I just took a photo of the *other* window in the room to illustrate what was in there. But in case you are wondering, that tree probably should be chopped down before it strangles our plumbing!

Now, without further ado I need to go and water the yard. After a few weeks of waiting, two more windows will arrive at the HD and we'll have new windows in our bedroom! The better to see all of this with~



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