I am most happy in California~

When it feels like we are living anywhere but California.


After almost 10 years of living here, it still doesn't feel like home to me. I love some of the people some of the time, many of the places most of the time and hate the traffic all the time. The view from our back door is so pleasing and calming and so very NOT California, however. It is soothing and calm, relaxing and invigorating. It is the result of hard work done and hard work to come.

Perhaps that is the work of life: To make wherever you live your home. In spirit, body and mind. For me all those things are connected best when I see the laundry on the line, the chickens in their yard, the geese asking for food and the girls feeding birds, talking to birds or playing with each other.  

I am finally at the stage with this house where I can do some sewing. Do some laundry and have a place to put it. Make pancakes. Create the home I've wanted for oh so long. I am so happy and so blessed to be here, with our sweet little family~I think it is just the idea of California being more like SoCal that bothers me a bit. Sometimes I want to fit in a bit more (or a LOT more). And sometimes I'm fine being the family that creates and prospers in being an anomaly in California more often than not.

Thank you, California, for making me stretch. Now, if you can just get something done about that giant deficit and the state of public education, I'll consider us staying for another decade. Peace out.


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