Upon entering our 4 chickens at the fair on Thursday, we were asked if big sister wanted to also sign up for Poultry Showmanship. We gamely (ha, ha) signed her up and then she attended a Novice Showmanship workshop so she could learn all sorts of pencil guiding techniques to get her favorite chicken to abide by the rules.


She is so brave! There were 12 kids in the Showmanship ring and big sister was one of only 4 who weren't involved in 4-H. Which meant for her, personally, that she had never spent any time with her chicken other than loving and feeding her. And that she was in the second group to the table and had to hold her hen for 30 minutes while the first group went through the showmanship trials before she could have her turn at the table.

               Big sister and her Buff Orpington chicken, Mustard.

We learned a few things. She wants to join 4-H as soon as possible to learn and perfect her showmanship skills. And that she needs a smaller hen. Those bantam hens sure are cute…and now their on our list to find.


2 thoughts on “showgirlship

  1. I am a veteran of 4-H, and I see it as a life mission to spread the word about how infinitely wonderful it is. (beyond even the livestock aspect!) Yay for you, Big Sister!
    And super congrats on all of your prizes! (I had my very own snickerdoodle episodes so many times, usually the night before the fair, late in the evening…. Chin up! Next year will be even better!

  2. Hi, Might you have a digital chicken or egg photo for the SVNA newsletter that you could email me today, Monday? this would illustrate your notice for eggs for sale. Bye the way, I’d love to come and get some eggs.

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