we went to the fair today

 And we brought with us:

1 Buff Orpington: First prize. Surprise! Mustard, you are a good girl.

1 Rhode Island Red: Fifth prize. Providence, you are one of our best layers. Good girl.

1 Black Cochin: Second prize. Pierre, you are the broodiest hen ever. I am just so happy you didn't injure the judge seeing as how he is part of the big plan to keep you from your nest of wooden eggs.

1 "Mixed Breed" Ameracauna: First prize & Best in Show: Mixed Breed cateogry. Lewis (or is it Clark?) You are a good girl. And a mutt, not ever the color you should be according to the rule book. But our chests puffed proudly to know you are ours and you did so well your first time out.

1 dozen tinted eggs: Third prize. This was hard, as we clearly don't have 12 chickens laying 12 perfectly fresh eggs the day that they need to be judged. But we learned the the eggs go large side up in the carton…and this counts toward the score.

1 Sulcata tortoise: Not sure yet the prize but we must have educated 200 people on this variation of animal.

1 dozen Snickerdoodle cookies: Honorable mention. This was the category of doom for us. We didn't plan ahead and the Big Sister was having a meltdown due to lack of sleep. As I told her later:

Was there a lot of love and goodness between the cooks during the cookie baking time? No

Did this affect the cookies? Yes.

Did we learn something for next year? Yes. And tomorrow? Yes.

All in a days work…Photos and more from Lucy's chicken showmanship work coming soon!


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