she wore these

We attended the step up day (graduation) ceremony for our daughter yesterday. It was a lovely event, as always: beautiful singing by the students, thoughtful words spoken and as always, a great people watching event.

Robert Redford was there to see his granddaughter graduate. I am usually not starstruck, but wow. It was pretty cool to have this amazing, talented man in our midst. I would sound fairly juvenile if I told you all the chatterings that my friend and I shared while standing not 20 feet from him. It felt very high school in such a mature (and therefore not at all high school) way. Terribly fun. Thank you, Victoria. He looked very wise to me and handsome of course.

His lovely wife was there, too, and only after the ceremony did I think that I wanted to take a picture of their shoes. They both wore linen: pants and a jacket.  His shoes were…interesting. And she wore these:

Picture 97


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