memorable items for happy days wishlist

Upcoming for our little family are so very many celebratory opportunities. Parties? yes. Presents? yes. People we love gathering round? yes. In order to make this a bit…easier for (most) all concerned, I've put together a little wishlist:

Picture 86
rose petal earrings: Branch

Picture 87
Canon EF 50mm f1.4 lens: Amazon

Picture 88
Ivory Lola slip: Erica Tanov

Picture 89
Iphone Case: Grove

Picture 91
Yes, I want one: Apple
I was holding out on my opinion of this and whether or not I needed/wanted it. I have been unhappily using a Blackberry for two years and it is just awful. The ease with which you can use the Iphone is phenomenal…anyway. I am adding this to my list~there will be flaws in it, I'm sure. But I am also fairly sure I'll have fun using it anyway!

Picture 93
This will help me to prepare for my *next* big birthday wish gift: Paris! French 1,2,3: Rosetta Stone

Truthfully there are only a few of you who might find this helpful and
more truthfully, it is all about me. Just for now~If you have a wishlist
for any upcoming celebratory opportunity, please do share. It will make
me feel less guilty in my boldness~and easier for me when that next celebration rolls around~


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