the truth is


It has come to my attention that we have been parading around town as regular folks, working hard, trying to fit in and make our way. Along the way, however, some things have changed and it's time to come clean about this.


We have chickens

We go out and about on our day with chickenstuff on the bottom of our

We have dirt under our fingernails and in the creases of our hands

We have geese

We are known by face and name at the nearest feed store

We have sunburns on the backs of our necks

Our backyard sometimes has more flies than it probably should

We have bees

There are always going to be straw bale remnants in the back of my car no matter how many quarters I spend on the giant vacuum at the gas station


The truth is: We are farmers. I don't know if others in the world would think of us as farmers, but when you have so many of the (endearing) qualities listed above, regardless of the fact that we are not farmers on more than 100 acres, we are still farmers. We have yet to purchase matching overalls but we do all own a sturdy pair of mud boots. We are having fun, we are working hard, and best of all, we are enjoying and sharing the fruits of our labor~daily!


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