Life, captured in a new way


Way back when Big sister was just a wee babe, I bought a nice camera and a nice lens. I have been very happy with both and along the way taken many photos, watched the baby grow and have added to my list of important people to photograph. Along the way I switched over to a Canon EOS Rebel digital and have been very happy with its functionality.

Since we do have so much to keep track of and the very nature of blogging helps take care of this, it was time to investigate what a different lens would do, for the record keeping and the visual aspects of blogging. I checked out the books and the information here and talked with my sweet friend Anise who suggested I try I made arrangements to borrow this lens for a week and here are some photos to show what I saw.


big sister investing in some mint chip


Multi-tasking, weekend version


sewing bits & bobs: Jess Brown/Maude


this girl is ready for adventure! Jess Brown/Maude


darling swimsuit ready for sun: Maude


Papa: facing the facts


Farmers market

The lens itself was so…helpful. I was told that it is mainly used as a studio lens and yet upon discovery, I found that it used to be the standard lens for every film/SLR camera sold. Once the photo shops realized they could make a bit more more money selling a zoom lens of a sort than this standard lens, sales and use fell out of practice. I appreciated several things about this lens:

*It grabs light, just like they say it does. In lighting situations where you'd normally be forced to pop the flash, it doesn't need it. This alone changes the whole look and feel of most of the photos I took. I even took several of the same shots in the backyard and the lighting is just so much more "real" with this lens.

*It forced me to "get into" the photo I wanted to take. No more standing on the sidelines and snapping away at whatever the zoom lens would grab. I had to get in there and work for the shot, which created better views and angles, better framing and better photos.

*It weighs less and is easier to carry~both are important factors when chasing two littles around town, eating ice cream and rescuing my favorite hat from near destruction.

All of these are reasons this lens will end up on my upcoming birthday wishlist and hopefully on my camera!


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