go west, young goslings

Picture 74
photo by Owlmonkey

After 36 hours of travel by plane, train and truck, our 7 Sebastopol Geese arrived today. I was hoping that they would come on Thursday, as they left Missouri by plane at 1pm on Wednesday in the midst of flash floods, thunder and lightning. We got the call at 5:45am that the birds had landed at the nearby post office. It being a school day, I had to get the little humans out the door before I could fetch the webbed foots and usher them in the door. So we waited (while rushing around and off to the school bus) while the little goslings traveled across town to the post office across the street from our home. I got another call at 8 am to tell me they had arrived and so into the wagon went baby sister and back home we came with our box of 7.

After putting together their vitamin water (and added nutritional benefit of freshly chopped greens) I foolishly put this mix into a square shaped dish~perfect for playing in! Ahoy, they said, and jumped in, taking turns and frolicking to their little hearts' delight.

All was fun and games until they started shivering. Badly. In came the birds, out came the hair dryer. They patiently padded around while I set the hair dryer to low and gently massaged their chests and bums to get them back to fluffy. Now, settled into their house inside our house, they are happy. And warm and dry.

Note to new gosling owners: "They" are all going to tell you to give the babies water in a "container which allows them to put their whole beak into (not a chicken waterer) and yet one which they cannot play in." Well, call me a fool, but after 30 minutes of hard thinking, I couldn't think of or find a container which would do this. Enter BackyardChickens.com.

A post had been answered and one persons brilliant answer to this problem: A one gallon milk jug with a hole cut into the side. High enough for the container to hold water and low enough for them to reach into it. Large enough for their head, small enough to keep out their downy bums. Perfection.

It is the small things in life that make such a difference. And now, with our new seven and their one wonderful waterer, we are all well and happy. And dry.

Picture 76

photo by Owlmonkey


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