somehow I made it through


My own personal earthquake hit on April 17, 2009. From out of nowhere and without reasons I could measurably put my arms around, I lost my job. Rather, I was fired. Again, no reasons and no history of not playing well with others. Like an earthquake, this shook me to my core and rocked me again and again and again.  Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and I can only hope that it never does again. I was taken by surprise, shaken, rattled, stirred and then left to fend for myself.

Fortunately I did not have to fend for myself. I have a wonderful support network who came in, dusted me off, brought me food and generally set things back to order in my house and life. And then came a real house to purchase, a wedding to joy in and visits to relatives to comfort us all.

It has not been easy, this past year. Yet we have all made it through. Sleepless nights~we each have our own reasons~have encumbered us and sunless days have seemed the new natural. Here we are now, however, one year later. Better fed, better rested and I should say for myself at least, better off for having been through the disaster.

The years teach what the days never knew, I once heard. And we've got so many of those beautiful hopeful years in front of us, makes it easier to not look back though the experience has settled into our bones and given us a strength we didn't know we had.


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