Twenty @ Ten

One of the things we have been looking forward to the most as a benefit of owning our own home is having the type and number of pets that we would like. A dog? A cat? A couple of sheep for grazing and a cow for milk? No problem. 

As you may well know, we bought 6 hens in mid March~they referred to them as the Rainbow carton special, meaning that they'll be laying us some rainbow colored eggs. We've yet to see any of these eggs (note to hens: Hello, ladies, it's time! You are now officially being lazy as you are well into your 6 month age, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers blooming. Nothing quite says "SPRING!" as finding fresh eggs in the hay. You've been warned.)


Since these hens came home with us, we made a trek to the feed store in Petaluma and purchased 8 baby chicks:

note: the redness here does not mean they are about to be broiled. too early for that! it's the brooder light, keeping them warm~

One tortoise: We call her Kitty. And no, we're not sure if "she" will be a he or a she, but we're hoping. Kitty is currently 5 months old and weighs in at a whopping 1.8 ounces, sopping wet. Literally. She has a soak every day, as this is how the African Sulcata Tortoise takes in its water each day.


And this weekend, feeling bereft and alone on the couch after watching the rain for several hours days, I needed someone cozy to cuddle with. And so we found Maybelle at Milo Foundation. Her name with them was Elise, but since she will turn a year old in May and we wanted her to have a bell from the get go (fair warning for all those hens, should she end up outside), we figured on Maybelle. Currently doing a fantastic job fulfilling all cat duties, though I'm happy to report that the rains have diminished since bringing her home!


Final count:

4 humans

14 hens

1 cat

1 tortoise

20 living beings at 10 Golf Avenue. I'm thinking we're heading towards Blackjack sometime soon, but have not yet determined whether that animal will have 2 or 4 legs. Stay tuned!


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