I've been toying with cutting my hair short for a while now. It seems that, despite the miracle worker named Rachel, all it seems to want to do is be dry and flat and, well, very uninspiring. My hair history is quite like a stock market chart: from "I want short and easy and frisky fun" to "I want to grow it out all long and beautiful": an unending cycle from which I am now at the can't-get-it-long-quite-fast-enough-to-want-to-keep-growing-it and therefore these photos look so very tempting:

Picture 50
Erica Tanov Spring 2010: photo by Erica Shires

Picture 51
Erica Tanov Spring 2010: photo by Erica Shires 

Clearly this is a departure from the shoulder/little bit past shoulder length to which I seem interminably stuck. My sweet friend Anise came over yesterday and arrived with a jaunty red beret atop some very cute hair~not much longer than her chin. So sweet and easy! She looked adorable as usual~I can't tell right now if I'm trying to get to something that will never happen (it hasn't yet, anyway!) or if I should take some baby steps to getting to something shorter and see what evolves. Thoughts? Opinions?


3 thoughts on “hair/cut

  1. OH! I’m with you! That hair is adorable and I’ve been toying with the idea of cutting it all off too. I’ve got a pregnancy stripe of dark hair that I could really stand to use. (all the hair I grew while pregnant came in 3 shades darker than usual)
    I will if you will. 🙂

  2. Go get your sharp scissors, my friend! I couldn’t bear it any longer and I cut it myself! It feels great~I think I was just pulling it back everyday anyway and that is not a hairstyle 😉
    So, I’ve got an appointment now for a real haircut~to clean it up and maybe go with those bangs in the photo~next Thursday.
    Still on?

  3. OOOH! Yes, I am still on. I had the preparatory ‘I still want subtle pink highlights so prepare yourself and remember that I tolerated your moustaches’ talk with Andrew last night. I’ve been wanting a couple of pink highlights for a long time and think I may just have the guts now. And time for a haircut. I’m going to start looking for that perfect style – the one I don’t ever have to ‘do’ but will still look absolutely chic and impossibly hip. The above photo is a good start, but I don’t think I can handle bangs just yet. Hmmm.

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