vintage swap

oh, my! The time is flying around here and every time I open the window it feels like whole days just zip right out. I have been participating in the Vintage Swap via Heather at Shivaya Naturals for a few seasons now and I just love it. I had a tough time finding some gems for my swap partner this time around (some of them are *still* hiding in boxes!) and yet she sent me some very lovely things~

One in particular is a sweet little recipe book and it has found its perfect audience:


I don't know what it is about this cute little book that she loves so much~the darling photos, the feel of the pages or the ease at which she can flatten the book, but we thank you, Amanda, for sending it our way! We are also enjoying the tablecloth and the dishes. The sheets are on a bed! And the little jewel box is holding precious gems as we speak. Thank you again for the vintage treasures and more memories for our little house.


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