for lack of a better way to say it~

Got milk?

Yes, we do. We are, as many of you know, in the process of getting two dairy goats….in order to get milk and cheese and many more of the delicious by products of fresh, raw milk.

However, between the time that our lovely girls start flowing forth with that delicious milk, we will still need to drink milk. We recently switched over to raw milk and found that we liked the taste quite a bit more than "regular" milk.

(Note to cows: While we really appreciate all the hard work you do and the dreadful conditions that you endure, the product that ends up on our table is quite a bit less wonderful than what you created. This is one of the reasons we are going to drink milk that your very lucky sisters over at Claravale Dairy are producing. Girls, if you are looking for heaven on earth, I am pretty sure this is it. I just wish it were bigger and/or we could rescue you all ourselves.)

Without delay, we started drinking milk produced by Organic Pastures. It was local, fresh and delicious. Unfortunately, it is also packaged in plastic. The dreaded numbered plastics which have no place in the world after they are used. Once. And by now, you should all know how we feel about plastic…

Off to the store to find Claravale Dairy. Oh, lovely milk! Oh lovely glass bottles. All was right in our milk drinking world…until Whole Foods decided to pull the milk, the lovely raw milk (all of it!) off the shelves. Citing legal concerns, they have removed the milk from the shelves until their lawyers tell them how to sell it. Another post about milk/money is coming, can you tell?

So, off we go to find another store to buy our milk from. In the meantime, I write to Claravale Dairy to tell them how much we LOVE THEIR MILK! No sooner had I sent the email (and our shopping woes) than the lovely Collette, owner of Claravale, who wrote back to tell me about the work that Christina over at Real Food Bay Area is doing.

Christina has a lovely group of folks buying and selling real, fresh foods and delivering them all over the bay area. She was just on the verge of sending their driver up to Marin with milk from Claravale Dairy (plus any of the other delicious items they offer) when the host for the milk drop off…well, dropped off. She wrote to ask if we would like to be their drop off point and of course we said yes! 

It was a short trip (I think 10 days~) from breaking up with the plastic at Organic Pastures to becoming hosts for the milk delivery via Real Food and Claravale Dairy, but boy we are *so* looking forward to it. An unexpected adventure awaits and I'll be sure and tell you all about it once it starts. For now, though, if you know of anyone in the San Rafael area who wants the freshest of fresh milk delivered for an easy pick up, please let us know! You know~supply and demand and all. Though we love our milk we can't possibly drink 24 quarts in a week!


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