freshening up~

We are busy getting boxes unpacked and finding homes for all of our "long lost" treasures. Along the way, we're delving into our $1 a gallon Sherwin Williams paint to prime the walls and loving the colors brought to our walls by Martha Stewart. Alas, it was going to be Ralph Lauren, but along the way Home Depot and Ralph broke up and we had to pay the price. Good thing, though, that they hooked up quickly with Martha and we were able to replicate the colors of RL paint that we had picked out.

Here is the kitchen before:


and after, with Custard:


The girls' bedroom, with Cotton Candy:


And the hobby room with a mis-tint from Home Depot: it is hard to tell, but this is a kind of purple-ish rose color. It looks great opposite the Sweet Rhapsody wall.


So far, so good. Three rooms down, three to go. I've got the closets finished which was perhaps more of a chore than just straight walls. So many corners and tiny places in there I was happy to finish that. Next up, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Oh, and did I mention that we've got to do the ceilings as well?!


One thought on “freshening up~

  1. Oh my gosh – that is the most adorable stove I’ve ever, ever seen. And great idea using the cheap paints as primer! Never thought of that – brilliant! We’ve got painting in our future, too. Better get it in before the chicks beckon. They’re scheduled to arrive in a month. Yikes!

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