Licecapades part deux

So, if any of you are still wondering if moving into a home with fewer things, wood floors, bright sunshine (most days) and a functioning washer and dryer will keep the lice away~the answer to your question is NO. Unfortunately big sister got the bugs again so she's in treatment, the clothes are in the dryer and the mama is on the wine.

Some of the things that *do* work:

Good lighting. This cannot be undervalued. The lice are small and my eyes are not so bad yet, but the lighting is a help and we need all the help we can get.

Reading glasses. They've got a darling pair at Anthropologie and I'm looking for an excuse to purchase them. They don't cost any more than the $40 lice killing comb which doesn't seem to work anymore!

Nimble fingers and a sometimes patient child. I think that in order to banish the bugs you've just got to search for them like your dearest enemy (better an honest enemy than a false friend, right?). These bugs have nothing to lose by just clinging on to what little they have. Find them and scrape them off that strand of hair and put them in the sink. Not on the floor, especially in front of the school nurse 🙂

Olive oil. We're doing this type of treatment this time because I can *still* smell the Listerine on sister's head when I go to kiss her goodnight. Please, please don't tell her. But it has been SIX weeks since we did that treatment~lingering Listerine smell cannot be good for her scalp even if it is good for killing the bugs.


Some of the things that are *not* working:

Fancy combs. I can see the bugs. I can comb the bugs. And yet, then bugs are still there in the hair and not really in the comb. In order for the comb to work, the bugs have to be big and once you are at that point (which we have been in the recent past) you are at the mercy of any and all gimmicks so just open your pocketbook! At any rate, right now we are in the seek and destroy mode and with good lighting we're doing okay.

Fancy sprays/oils/scents. Can someone tell me exactly how lice "don't like" tea tree oil? Mind you, this is a critter which doesn't really have a chance of jumping from one body to another easily. It's kind of like getting a ride to a party in college~you hope it will be good, but once you are there, you are at the mercy of the party (host) and whether or not the beer (tea tree oil) is prevalent you don't really get to decide to leave~until another ride arrives.

Ignoring the problem. I have been a bit lax on nit picking lately and it is showing. Time to pay the piper. See above~and send over some wine if you are so inclined!


One thought on “Licecapades part deux

  1. 45 minutes with mayo to suffocate the guys… then follow up with a rinse of vinegar to melt the eggs. After a wash and a blow dry you should be able to get whatever else is left out with the comb. 🙂

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