finding our rhythm


It is still all about the house. But differently now, as after 8 months of living "in transition" we are home and  yet not quite settled in. We began packing in June for this move and are just now unpacking things that we haven't seen since then. The girls have both grown immensely, thus bypassing many of the clothes that we troubled ourselves to pack and store. We have a different space to fill now as well: some things fit here and some things won't. Just like the clothes.

In addition, we are getting used to new neighbors, new sounds and a new yard to explore. It's almost too much. After months of racing around and figuring out which lights, flooring, furnace system and all that we want and what we can afford, there is suddenly no one knocking on the door, waiting to come in and work on the house. It is ours and it is quiet.

So now we unpack. Find a place for all of our things and find a way to get back into what we were doing before: baking bread, sewing clothes, planning and gardening (haven't done that in over 2 years!), getting some pets. All of these possibilities. Wonderful and yet almost intimidating. We'll have to remember that the house, though it has had many urgent needs of us recently, will be patient. It will wait and keep us cozy and dry, safe and comfortable as we all find our rhythm and our way in this new world of ours.


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