1 baby + 3 hour nap = 4 closets painted!

This was a major feat. The to-do list around here is longer than my arm and yet the time to get these things done just does not multiply as fast as the list! At any rate, I was feeling like the closets needed to get finished (painted anyway) before I could really start to organize and so…I painted 4 of our 5 closets this morning while the baby (sick, teething and tired from getting up earlier to get sister to the bus) slept. What a blessing!
I will spare you the boring photos of the painted closets but say that they are perky! I bought a gallon of the Sweet Rhapsody for the storage/hobby room walls and had quite a bit leftover. Now when you come over and put your coat in the coat closet, you'll know what is lurking behind doors number 1, 2, 3 and 4. Don't say you weren't warned!


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