Mama paints

Though we are progressing quickly through the "fun" parts of work on the house: insulation, sheet rock and flooring there is such a dramatic improvement made when you can finally paint. The only room in our home which isn't experiencing catastrophic change is the hobby room, so of course that is where I am first able to "work my magic".  To whit:


This is the hobby room, newly painted. The ceiling in here gets to at least 12 ft at the peak of the roof, and the measurements of 8 ft by 20 ft don't give you much subtlety to work with. Either you paint an entire wall turquoise…


Or you don't. I painted the wall that you'll see as you enter the house from the side door (there is that shoe/coat corner I mentioned and the washer & dryer patiently waiting, though under cover for now). The color is beautiful and yet it does this strange thing of "echoing" onto the opposite wall. It is kind of an odd visual from the kitchen and I obviously need to paint the other wall in order to absorb some of this reflection. The trouble I'm having is knowing what color will do the work. I'll consult my color charts and yet if you have any thoughts for me, please share! I love the turquoise but Papa keeps teasing that Crockett and Tubbs are coming by shortly…


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