Landings: friend or foe?

In time for our first inspection, regardless of the threat of rain and the seemingly unending trips to the store for yet MORE bags of cement, we have built ourselves a landing!

This was the space before~obviously not a good way to get into the house from a spinal perspective, as the difference between the ground and the door is about 18 inches, but it is the door of choice for frequent use as it has a nice little corner just inside the door, which will be perfect for shedding boots, coats and dirty clothes. We needed something more, and with A LOT of coaching from our trusty contractor Don, we made this:


We've got two steps, a nice place to dry your feet and room for some plants and a chair. Perfect! This was all much harder than it looks and Papa reminded me several times that I thought I was going to tailor this out in a day. I am often reminded of a book titled "The house always wins". Maybe once a few more of our house battles have been fought (and lost/won, depending upon perspective) I'll have time to read it!


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