we’ve come a long way!

The last few weeks have had us over at the house doing loads of work and in a different way. These are the things that you can *see*. Not the digging of a ditch around the house for gravel to keep the termites away or the cutting and pounding of small blocks of wood to keep the little furry creatures from finding welcoming ways into our walls nor the removal of some seriously funky built-in cupboard things from the bathroom wall.

No, we've been working on the good stuff! And even better than that, we've been working in a heated house. We got the furnace up and running and have been using it to dry out the mud from the new drywall but also to keep warm. What a novel idea!

Here are some photos to get us all up to date:

Insulation in the walls!

This is the first time we had seen "walls" to divide the rooms of our little house. It is so dark because this installation happened during the wettest two weeks of the…year? Anyway, it looks a lot brighter now with:

Sheetrock! What a difference that made. We've spent the last week going over each day and seeing the improvement with the addition of more layers of mud and it is a beautiuful sight. We had initially thought we might go with the "skip trowel" on the walls and ceiling but after some careful consideration decided to leave it at "flat". We'll be painting A LOT in the next few months, for sure, but the process is what we're all about. Or at least that is what we'll be telling ourselves after waking up again and again with aching neck & shoulders!

This is the kitchen, looking out to the hobby room. From there you can see the door that leads out to the garden patio.

Kitchen floor: great globs of cement adhesive, really an inordinate amount and completely unnecessary.

This is the floor of the hobby room before. Plywood floors, not so pretty to look at and very hard to clean. I considered painting them, but with the cracks between the sheets it was going to look poorly no matter what color I chose. We decided to install the same floor here and in the kitchen.


Kitchen floor, free of globs and ready for….

New flooring! This was not only the cheapest stuff we could find (Ikea) but also the look we liked the best.  We also installed this in the hobby room, as you can see looking through the kitchen doorway. 


Hobby room floor. All done! We need trim and moldings but will get to those in time. We're looking forward to that level of work as well and we're excited to make use of a tip from Family Handyman: Using 3 inch furring strips in leiu of "real" moldings. They'll be much less expensive, more durable and a look that we already love. We might go with a wider strip in the living room and bedrooms, but haven't yet got to the decision stage.

Today our electrician, Allen, is at the house, working diligently on installing our fixtures and electrical outlets. Once that is done, I can do laundry! Hooray! After the lice epidemic and so very many trips to the laudromat (this felt like an unending process, as we didn't know where the lice were coming from in the first place…could it be the very place we *thought* we were getting our clothes clean??!) I am thrilled to just be able to toss something into the wash.

More updates to come. We've been very busy!!!


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