no easy way to tell it~

We got lice. Lots of them, and I can't bear to tell you who has the most. We are learning quite a bit along the way and thought we'd share, in the true spirit of friendship and no holds barred information generosity. Brace yourselves or just come back tomorrow where hopefully the topic will have changed!

First off, the best advice we got was to Leave Home. We went, though not far away, to a hotel for two nights. The lice die without a warm body to cling to after 48-55 hours, depending upon whom you ask. We were gone, working on the house across town and at the hotel for 60 hours. Check!

Second, we followed To The Letter, the advice given here: Natural ways to get rid of lice. Read through this several times and hopefully have a reader in your house on hand to walk you through the shower steps. Some additional advice:

*Buy a fine toothed comb when you are out buying vats of vaseline and drums of Dawn. You'll need it for the shower step.

*Buy paper towels. We are, essentially, a none paper products other than the toilet paper family. So, when the lice came to visit, we had to bag all the cloths and resort to paper towels for a few days.

*Buy big garbage bags if you don't already have them. Times are mixed on the "bag your clothing and other non machine washable items": some say 3 days, some say 14 days. Either way, get the bags.

*Arm yourself with quarters or create a cozy area next to your wash machine. Since we are still without a washer & dryer, we have been spending a lot of time and money at the laundromat. We siphoned off clothes to wear for a few days and will wash those, the bedding and towels. Lather, rinse and repeat in a few more days (I think 7 should do it). This way we're killing the old, the new and the uninvited as well as our supply of hoarded quarters.

More updates on this delightful process as we come across them. This is truly an evil to only wish upon your least fellow man. I hope we are *not* that family for anyone and just going through the trials of life!


One thought on “no easy way to tell it~

  1. Hang in there Sugar and Pepper. Lice is a pain but it’s beatable. I have another natural method, olive oil, if you just want another perspective. I had lice in my house twice. I blog on it at
    See blog entry: Getting Rid of Lice
    The second time around was a piece of cake!

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