price + shipping + tax = YIKES!!!!

I'm getting ready for the holidays like most other folks and in addition to that, planning a trip to the hinterlands of Wisonsin with the 3 littles in tow. This is requiring a bit more preparation than, say, a trip to Hawaii would incur, but we are looking forward to meeting relatives and seeing snow in the month of December.

All that said, I am knitting like a fiend and doing a bit of work on the computer…the kind of work that involves exhorbitant shipping costs, if you know what I mean. I have realized, however, that any shopper worth her computer will search (fairly effortlessly, I might add) for *Free Shipping Codes* before they hit "send" on their order. I encourage you to valiantly make use of these offers, they are everywhere! Some that I've found are:

In addition,  I will go into my email box and unsubscribe from all those retailer emails which send me delectable coupon offers and shipping offers to entice me to spend. Instead, I will search for what I want, when I want it. And somehow feel that I'm beating the system when I save on shipping.


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