charming *and* useful!

After spending most of the week trying to figure out how to squeeze a cross country trip to see relatives for the holidays *and* a truck trade in for Pepper into our budget, we came up with two answers:

*Have grandma buy the tickets~thank you, grandma!

*Wait on the truck

This did not, however, give us reprieve from needing a truck, however. Pepper was able to borrow one from a co-worker and we used it well! 

Friday night found me into bed early, nursing a very bad cold and a very fussy baby. This didn't deter Papa from finding a sweet little piece (or 7) to add to our new home. Since we had a truck at our disposal, we dashed over to Walnut Creek on Saturday to pick up these lovelies:

Picture 14 

A darling kitchen cabinet, coming to us directly from…Switzerland! Yes, that's right, Bill and Louise raised their children, in Switzerland in the 1950's and John grew up putting bread away in the middle drawer:

Picture 15 

which even has a little vent in the back so the bread stays fresh! The hardware is all original and so is the darling paper lining the cupboards. This little cabinet also came with this:

Picture 16 

A table and a set of stools. You can see the one on the left has a lid which lifts up. John and his family stored their shoe shining supplies in here! And they had breakfast here every morning.
We were so charmed by he and his son, Mike, that we took a few more items when offered (thank you for the extras!!) and scored on some beautiful pinecones as well. What a joy to meet such delightful folks along the way and learn their history and meld it into ours. We are charmed, I'm sure.

After picking these up, we found some useful cabinets on Craigslist (free!) and I had Pepper drive over to pick them up…a fortuitous find, as we'll see…

Sunday was another adventure, though we thought we'd spend the day cleaning at our house. (Still hard to believe we get to say those words!).  Pepper was able to get help bringing over our picnic table, our BBQ and most all of our plants, which all had been under the watchful eye of our neighbors at our old place. Once he was done with that, we met at the house and found out that the same fellow who gave us the kitchen (free!) cabinets on Saturday was now giving away a *huge* Amana (free!) counter depth refrigerator.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we accepted this generous offer and went over to pick up our new refrigerator, which looks strikingly similar to this:

Picture 13 

And, not to be outdone even by our own standards, the girls and I had gone to Larkspur in the morning to pick up some curtain (free!) rods, along with the brackets and the very nice wood curtain rings from the very kind and generous Laura, who lives on William street.

Once we had all settled in for the night, we discovered another freebie, in Larkspur, on William street:

Picture 11 

A not too shabby Heywood Wakfield dresser which weighs more than Pepper and I together. We got there after dark and so were not fully able to admire the dovetail drawers and quality construction, but the weight of each of the drawers alone was enough to convince us that William street had treated us very well once again!

Time for this sleepy family to hit the hay. I'm so glad weekends-with-borrowed-pickups don't happen every day!



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