Holiday shopping


Now that we've cleared the biggest shopping hurdle of all time (in our minds, anyway!) we are confronted with the holidays and the shopping that seems obligatory. I have tried hard to steer our family away from the commercial locations and products they offer (Target and Barbie/Costco and Disney/Walmart and everything). It is very tempting to visit some of these places and call it a day, and I am as guilty as the next person for saying and believing in one thing and doing, ahem, quite another. 


Since I was *most guilty* last year of shopping big box style, this year I am trying hard to steer away from their tempting offers. I will say that there are some gifts for the nephews that Auntie just can't create out of fabric and yarn that will be to their liking, so I've gone ahead and made exceptions. Yet as I create the rest of the list and who has been naughty or nice and who needs and wants what, I am trying to guide myself in the following ways:

Etsy: always a favorite, offers not only handmade or vintage items, but also art and supplies

Shop handmade: Buy and sell handmade goods

Here are some sites to motivate you to shop handmade and/or locally:

The 3/50 Project

Buy Handmade

Each of these links will offer more in the way of discovery and finding what is just right for your loved ones. I encourage you to check them out and do what fits you and your loved ones best this year. Try something new!


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