House work

A few weeks ago I was at our "hopeful house" with the contractor, looking over all the work to be done and discussing options for this and that. As we were talking, the owner, Judy, came by for a visit. She had some windows to drop off and some shiny loppers, a tea set…and a set of keys! After the 4 months which had passed at that time, she was done! She said "have the keys to the house and we'll wait for the paperwork to take its course. Have fun."

So we did. We took ownership of those keys as her blessing to get started on the work to do, the work we wanted to do and we wasted no time changing things up to suit our needs and that of the house and yard. There have been gutters to repair and replace, brush to clear away and fence to be put in. In the midst of all this, we created a space for a patio in the back and the dreams of what we plan to do here are just beginning.



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