sing! play! read! baby! read!

It has been our habit this summer to take the ladies to the library~we live within walking distance to the city library and it takes about 15 minutes each way to walk there. The girls are surrounded by books at home but there are also many treasures to be had on the shelves of the public library, too.

I learned long ago from very wise librarians that it is never too early to sing, play and read to your baby. Clearly we are doing some things right with this little lady already. And that feels good. Books, kids, fresh air walks. All part of the building blocks of growing up well.


2 thoughts on “sing! play! read! baby! read!

  1. Aww your little one is too cute : )
    I lovelove the title of your post, such happiness to it! Yes, reading and being surrounded by books is an incredible gift to our littles!

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