Ina’s eggs

Years ago, when we had chickens of our own, we invariably had extras which I would then sell to teachers at the school where I worked. Several of them have small children and so, days after I had delivered the eggs and they had been joyfully consumed at home, I would hear across the playground shouts of “Anie!!! I love your eggs!!” At first I was a bit shy, hearing this adoration about “my” eggs, but then circumstances changed and we had to find new homes for the girls (our laying hens) and eggs haven’t been the same for us since. Add this to the list of things we are looking forward to enjoying at our “hopeful house”!

More recently I have been perusing several cookbooks from the library, in search of some new ideas inspired by the cooking of Julia Child. No reason to question that motivation, but my need to create a wonderful beef bourguignonne is not as high as the need to simply get a good square meal on the table three times a day.

With all that in mind, I found a recipe for “Herbed baked eggs” in Ina Garten’s cookbook, “Barefoot in Paris”. She and I share a similar feeling about omelettes: a good idea, but oh so time consuming. In order to create a delicious egg dish with a similar set of ingredients, she created the dish and it is truly wonderful and surprisingly easy. I baked it up for the girls and I and there wasn’t a shred of evidence moments later. We are truly becoming believers that “You can’t live without butter.” Indeed, Julie, indeed


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