got milk, part deux

I've been thinking lately, what with me now being a SAHM and not yet a WAHM, that I might give the cloth diaper thing a go. I've got my resources built up (thank you to: simple mom, babyworks and Heather!) Now, we're on to ordering. Since my baby is not quite a baby, not quite a toddler, I think we'll go with some basic diapers and I'm going to try and make some diaper covers! This should be fun and hopefully more successful than my most recent halloween costume making debacle for big sister!

As I was searching through Heather's website, I found her link for "donate breastmilk!" and thought, well, here is an untapped (ha ha!) resource which I can easily express (ha ha!) interest in and help with. I found myself here, at the national milk bank and will soon be sharing my superpowers with other babes & families~yeah, baby! Who knew a new SAHM mama could be so productive???


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