got milk?

The facts are in: the baby is darling, the baby is sharp, the baby is developing all of her skills very well. But (you knew that was coming) the baby is too petite. She went for her one month late 12 month appointment yesterday and weighed in at a whopping 16lbs 13oz. Those really weren't the numbers the doctor, or we, wanted to see, but in leiu of getting fearful and doing tests, we are getting groceries and doing dairy!

IMG_1515 She is no longer getting to eat anything without a dairy and/or fat component being delivered along with it. Some examples we're already serving up include:

  • Turkey slices wrapped around cream cheese? check!
  • Bottle of whole milk cut with half & half? check!
  • Tomatoes cut with half & half and served as soup? check!
  • Bananas fried in bacon grease? check!
  • Eggs scrambled in butter with whipping cream and melted cheese? check!

It's easy enough to do, and we'll keep doing it, but the pocketbook is going to suffer. All told, I think this mega dairy diet is going to make us think long and hard about buying a cow named Bess and reduce the trips to the store. Though the sheeps milk yogurt is so good and so is the goat milk. Maybe we need a farm for the baby! One more reason to make our way to west Marin~eventually!


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