25 reasons we are really hoping for our house

1. more space
Picture 62. more yard

3. chickens
4. dog
5. tortoise
6. proximity to the farmer's market
7. cat
8. tomatoes
9. roses
10. we can hang things wherever we want to
11. we can paint however we like
12. mama likes to fix things
13. mama is good at fixing things
Picture 5

14. creative re-use of so many treasures that we find for free on Craigslist and yet right now have no     place to put them to use
15. bees
16. we can change what we like, keep what we don't and repeat the process as many times as we want to
17. putting money, time, sweat and energy towards something BIG and at the end of the day/month/year/decade it is still ours
18. rabbits
19. proximity to the library
20. proximity to the paved walking paths of the Marin lagoon
Picture 10
21. proximity to China Camp state park
22. it's on GOLF Ave
23. a place for the girls to play and call home
24. a place for friends to come and share, work and play with us
25. a place to grow in so many, many ways


One thought on “25 reasons we are really hoping for our house

  1. That’s a lot of reasons. All good ones. Any news?
    Sure you can walk to the farmer’s market? It’s like, 3 blocks away. 🙂
    How are the girls? Give y’all a call this weekend. Been nutty at work, as normal. 13 people on a layoff list (not me), fun times!

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