June 24, 2009

We spent a lovely late afternoon together on June 24, 2009. The weather
was perfect, the flowers were in full bloom and the Snapple was
cold~And we got married. Beautiful day, beautiful friends, beautiful
life. We are so very blessed~


                    beautiful flowers from our new friends around the corner


hair styling by sweet Sarah


helpful signage~though I was sure that the special location was *not* located on Meadowclub property…indeed I was wrong. Pepper had signs made to help guide us all to the spot


almost there~


Sarah performed a beautiful ceremony for us




This photo was the moment that big sister knew it was for real~we had really gotten married.



Pepper was so cute about this. He really wanted us to have a photo like this with our hands together


Into the sunset


Last minute additions to our ride…


And we ride off into the sunset…happily ever after.

Many thanks and love to:
Anise. Sarah. Scott. And all you others out there who took a moment or a day or a week or more to help guide us along the way. We've made it this far with your love and guidance and yet we look forward to a journey just beginning.

More photos on our Flickr page


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